welcome to my studio!

Inspiration, studio 13. May 2016

Hello. This is Anne and here is my studio. You can watch me create and draw, see what inspires and drives me and follow my path through the Berlin jungle of Art and Illustration. Sounds good? So let´s start!

11750739_874583872629072_1749626923153126415_nThis is my wall that i am looking at while working. Everything important and inspiring for my current work hangs here. Important notes and unpaid bills find their way here too sometimes. The grey lady on the left is me. A bit serious but still recognizable.


This lovely wooden box gives home to all the hand carved rubber stamps i have made so far. Recently I was using the stamps to create collages on some old paper out of an old Atlas (from 1926!) that I found on the weekend market. How do you like the result?

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