LAGOS — DVD edition

“With 15 million inhabitants, the Nigerian city of Lagos is one of the largest and fastest-growing metropolises in the world. It is a city constantly in motion, people swarming everywhere, with business being done on every street corner and traffic creeping in endless rivers along its roads and over bridges. A recurring panoramic image of the city makes it clear at a glance that not everyone is benefitting from this boundless energy, however; we also see a sea of poor shacks, with modern apartment buildings in the background. A source of pride and hope for a better future comes from the Afrobeat musician Femi Kuti, the son of Fela Kuti, famous for both his infectious music and as a critic of the Nigerian government.”









Commissioned artwork for the documentary film “LAGOS — notes of a city” including poster, flyer, dvd and packaging, film titles

The film was running on several doc-film festivals worldwide (f.e. IDFA Amsterdam, DOKFest München) as well as in the german Television


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