Pattern, Paper, Paste up

Paper Cut Workshop with self-designed papers as part of the “Sketch Days Görlitz 2017”, by Anne Wenkel.

collection of selfmade pattern on paper, by Anne Wenkel 2017

Using brushes, feathers, and all sorts of imaginary tools, Workshop participants work on a colorful assortment of paper. The goal is to create large-scale patterns and repeats.

In the next step, we tear the large paper into manageable pieces. From the large fund may be helped and exchanged among themselves. The snippets are torn, cut and arranged into abstract or pictorial collages. The sketchbooks filled in the days before with city views of Görlitz and surroundings serve us as a template.

The combination of patterns, textures and plain papers creates attractive contrasts and graphically sophisticated works of art.

Photo: Anne Wenkel, Juliane Wedlich (Kühlhaus Görlitz)

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