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The magazine “Belletristik 13” , released by the publishing house Verlagshaus Berlin, is dedicated to bring together modern literature and contemporary illustration. For the last issue I was asked to illustrate a short story ba Lucy Fricke, among with many other artist who made, again, this magazine a very special piece of indipendent publication.

“Spring in Khartoum”

Text by Lucy Fricke

3 illustrations in scraperboard by Anne Wenkel, 2-colored-offset print



Felix Bauer, Romy Blümel, Golden Cosmos, Natalia Drabik, Elke Ehninger, Marina Friedrich, Lilli Gärtner, Martin Haake, Lars Henkel, Jakob Hinrichs, Frank Höhne, Orlando Hötzel, Oliver Hummel, CX Huth, Michał Przemysław Jackowski, Isabel Albertos Johnston, Roman Klonek, Sophia Martineck, Anja Nolte, Jackson Oliwia Polánski, Welf Schiefer, Katja Spitzer, Joe Villion, Henning Wagenbreth, Anne Wenkel, Daniela Witzel, Yeyi Yun


IMG_4789bearbeitetCover: Doro Huber



Belletristik 13

128 pages
Septembre 2014

10,00 €
ISSN: 1861-9940


©Jakob Hinrichs

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